Alaska Cruise 2001

Our Family Photo Gallery

On May 26th, many of our family met in Vancouver BC, ( 22 of us in count ) for the trip of a life time. My mom had earlier recounted that when I was a little boy I promised to take her on a cruise, that she wanted it now, and that she wanted to go to Alaska. The photos below highlight us through-out our cruise. I hope you enjoy the many smiles and that you can feel the good times we had. Be sure you do not miss the Extra Gallery link at the bottom of this page.

As we cruise out of Vancouver, there is excitement in everyones face

L:Pat; LC: Carl; RC:Ken; R:Louella & Alan

Sunday night's dinner was a formal affair - and we held nothing back !!!

Carl and Pat ;

LAmy& Matt; C:Amy, Matt, & Becca; R:Ida, Ed, Becca & Dolores

L: Marshall & Joyce; C::Ida & Ed; R:Becca & Pat

L:Ian, Karen & Megan; C:Dolores; R:Karen & Becca;

Monday we arrived in Juneau, and visited Mt. Roberts

L: Amy & Matt; LC:Carl & Matt; RC:Ed & Carl; R:E

Tuesday, we arrived in Skagway. These pictures were taken on the motor coach ride from Frasier back to Skagway. Our first stop was at a single support suspension bridge. The second one was at Liarsville. Do you know why they named Liarsville what the named it? We do.

L: Pat & Carl; R: Marshall & Joyce

L:Pat; C:Hippodrome; R:Carl

L: THE Bear & Pat; C:Pat & Carl; R:Louella & THE Bear

Here we are back in Skagway

L:Carl & The Chief; R:Pat sitting by a twiggy wall

Following Dinner every night a special program was available. During the week they included 3 broadway like musical dance shows, a concert pianist, a juggler, and an illusionist. The kids always sat right up front!

L:Ian & Nicki; C:John & Yola; R:Megan & Natalie

While cruising in Glacier Bay and watching Marjerie (the big white glacier) we were all impressed by the massivness of Marjerie and applauded each time ice broke off and crashed into the bay.

L:John; C:Alan & Marshall; R:Marshall & Joyce

Memorial Day (May 30th is the real Memorial Day) we had a big dinner party and celebrated Carl's birthday.

L:Ed & Ida; C:John & Yola; R:Ed, Carl & Ida;

L:Amy, Carl & Matt; LC:Carl & the Choir; RC:The Cake; R:Pat, Carl / Amy, Becca & Matt

L:Ken & Pat; C:Amy & Matt; R:Alan, Louella, Pat & Carl

Wednesday after the evening program there was a special show called Rockin' Rolldies Lip Sync. Guess who the featured guests were?

L:Dolores, Toni, Ida, Pat & Carl; R:Karen, John & Yola

L:Nicki & Natalie; C:Friend & Megan; R:Cast plus Ian

The Crew one and all

Did you know that while we were out Yola had a birthday too . . .

She is NOW over 21 ;-)

For some of the kids, there were special games available at most times

L:Yola & John; C:Ida; R:Toni

For others, Club HAL offered activities games, friends and prizes all week.

Both: Ian, Nicki, Natalie, Megan & friends

Here are just a few more "You were there" photos

L:Carl: R:Joyce & Marshall







July 3,2001