October 6, 2002

Halifax, NS

We berthed in Halifax, NS for the day.   After  departure from Halifax,  we will be sailing to Sidney, NS.

After breakfast,  we left the ship boarding a double decker buss,  and took a tour around the city making stops at the Public Gardens and at the Citadel, 

Following dinner,  the evening show featured the Rotterdam Players in a musical show entitled "Showstoppers"



Would you believe it,  It's October and it is green everywhere!

Look at this,  we found one tree starting to change colors ! ! !

At the Citadel,  there was a special celebration going on with several detachments present giving arms demonstrations.  Here,  two soldiers in proper timed uniforms are demonstrating both a muzzle loading rifle and a breech loading rifle.  They then proceeded to have a shooting race for 60 seconds to demonstrate how many extra rounds the breech  loaded rifle could deliver to the target.


This clock positioned halfway down the hill from the Citadel in easy view throughout most of the city was given by a commander of the Citadel that always insisted on proper punctual time keeping.

As we were leaving our berth,  we were "Pipped" away with traditional medleys.  Looking out is the main city, and below is an island in the port that includes the small light house as well as another gun encampment to support the Citadel on the hill.


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