October 2-14, 2002

North East United States and South East Canadian Tour

Please enjoy this photo gallery review of our cruise and land tour of the NE United States and SE Canada.  We rode on the HAL  ms Rotterdam and embarked our adventure in New York, NY.  From there,  we cruised up the coast,  and then through the St Lawrence to Montreal with many fun stops.  We concluded our trip with a three day post cruise land tour that  allowed us to see more of Canada.

As an aside,  we had great weather,  but  because of the warm weather this year,  not many trees had turned their exciting fall colors.  When we did however see that "special golden red leaf"  you can be assured that it was a special "Kodak" moment. 

Our ten day Cruise

New York,  NY

NewPort,  RI

Boston,  MA

Bar Harbor

Halifax,  NS

Sydney NS

Charlottetown, PEI

Saguenay Fjord

Quebec Area, QC

Quebec City, QC

Our post Cruise 3 day land tour

Ottawa, ON

Montebello, QC

Montreal, QC

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