October 5, 2002

Bar Harbor, Maine

We anchored in Bar Harbor, and had tender service for the day.  When we depart tonight,  we will be sailing for Halifax, NS.

After breakfast,  we left the ship,  and had a relaxing day walking.  There was a shore walk that we followed that eventually ended up on the far side of town.   We had a simple lunch of "lobster chowder" in a little "locals" deli. 

Following dinner,  the evening show featured comedian "Don Gavin"


After looking around the pier,  and getting some nice views of the harbor,  we walked along this harbor path.  At certain points,  Pat was motivated to throw a few stones into the wate - but maybe the one she picked below is a little to BIG! 

We ended the afternoon,  on the aft deck,  watching as we left our harbor.  We had a nice day here.

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