October 9, 2002

Saquenay River Fjord

Today we spend the entire day cruising,  up the St Lawrence Seaway,  and into the Saguenay River Fjord.   We will travel up the Saguenay River to the "Virgin Mary" and then turn back to the seaway and on to our destination for tomorrow morning, Quebec City, Quebec

Following dinner,  the evening show "Undersea Follies" was performed by the Rotterdam Cast.


The story of the Virgin Mary statue is a long one - So you get my shortened version.  A dude twice was close to death,  and spared after he promised "Mary" he would honor her.   After the second time,  he decided that he might not get a third chance and this statue up in the Fjord,  over looking the river was his offering.  We know of no later issues with the dude so "Mary" must have been satisfied.


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