October 10, 2002

Quebec, Canada

Today,  following arrival at our berth,  we will be boarding a tour buss for the day.  We will be staying here tonight,  and have a second day in Quebec City, Quebec

Our buss tour will be taking us to the Isle of Orleans in the middle of the St. Lawrence river.  Key destinations included: St. Anne's Cathedral, the McNicoll family water fall, a Sugar Shack, and we ended up at the Montmorency Falls.

Following dinner,  the evening show will be the Piano Wizardry of Paul Pappas


Look at this - we found another tree with fall colors !

Whenever we stepped into one of these cathedrals,  there was always a sense of awe,  First for the basic building,  and the magnificent craftsmanship throughout the structure.  Secondly,  for the quietness,  and closeness to God that can quickly be felt.

Across the street,  and up the hill,  was a replica of the original church at this site (the first burned down).  Behind it, and progressing up the hill,  are the "Twelve Stations of the Cross" in life size bronze castings. 


 The McNicoll family bought this canyon years ago and has been developing it for our appreciation.  The upper falls is 181 feet and there are now three bridges across the canyon.  One above the falls,  and then two below the falls.


At this "Sugar Shack"  we all got to taste fresh maple "poured" onto snow,  and rolled up on a stick.  The dioramas below were at the sugar shack depicting their North American Heritage and logging life style.


The Montmorency falls (282 feet) visit started at the low side vista,  and then we took the tram up to the top.  The mansion at the top included a story about the English nobility that owned the house,  and kept his non sanctioned "love" here. This would be some summer house !


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