October 11, 2002

Quebec City, Quebec

Today is our second day in Quebec City.  This evening we depart for Montreal,  and there we will get on board a tour buss to Ottawa

Today,  we were on our own again.  We got up,  had breakfast and then went for an exploring walk of Quebec City.   We started in the lower city  then went up to the old city,  inside the "walls"  we went up to the Citadel,  and then through to the new city.

Following dinner,  the evening show will be a variety show featuring Jay J Downs,  Don Gavin and Christopher Dillon.

This is the lower city area,  below the wall,  and adjacent to the ship's berths.  The style is all very "Euro".  After a while,  we found the tram and rode up to the upper "Old City"


We stopped here shortly,  in a small park.  Pat rested in a chair,  and Carl examined the local artillery.


Quebec City was a classic port city with a star shaped citadel on the high ground. 


We're moving through the new city here,  and are looking through the gate into the old city.

Here we are overlooking the lower city,  on our way back to the ship.


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