October 8, 2002

Charlottetown, PEI

We are reaching port in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island early in the morning.  When we disembark PEI,  we will be heading for the St. Lawrence River  and touring up the Saguenay River (Fjords).

Today,  we took a tour of PEI which included stops for:  PEI Preserves,  Rustico Harbout,  and  Cavendish the homestead location of the legendary "Anne of Green Gables"

Following dinner,  the evening show was "The Matador of Magic - DEVLIN".


This is the town of New Glasgow,   just across the river from the PEI preserves factory.  Their preserves were second to none with many exotic flavors.  The had a web site for all interested at: http:www.preservecompany.com .  My favorites were a Raspberry & Champaign preserve and a Strawberry & Rhubarb preserve.

 The town of Rustico Harbout was a quaint little town with boardwalk.  Their primary industry was fishing,  lobster to be specific (based on our tour guide info). 

The Anne of Green Gables homestead at Cavendish.  The movie takes on a whole new level of "realism" after seeing this compound.

 After being out all day,  we stretched out on the back of the ship and watched as we left port and headed for the St. Lawrence.


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