October 13,  2002

Montebello, QC

After getting up,  we boarded our buss and headed north-east to the resort at Montebello.   After spending the night,  we will  be on our way to Montreal.

On our way,  we stopped at a sugar shack,  and this one was great.  We had a quick tour of the maple boil down and the local bakery and then we went in for lunch.  With lunch,  we had good food,  fresh bread, crepes with lots of maple syrup,  and a fiddling duet that entertained us well.  Following lunch we continued on the the lodge and we enjoyed the facilities there.

The gentleman with the white beard was the sugar shack owner,  and chief maple syrup maker.   The retired baker on the right,  makes all the bread for the sugar shack resturaunt.

While we ate,  these two played,  we sang, many danced and had a merry time.

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It's still nearly green . . . but color is coming.

The lodge was much like Timberline.  with a big central hall,  huge fire place and rustic timber walls and structure.

Isn't Pat beautiful ?  You better answer YES !

Thanksgiving,  had pumpkins all over - but many told us that pumpkins were a new food item for them

On the drive out of Montebello,  we finally saw some color.  Success at last !

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